Faraday Development Center

Custom Battery Solutions

We create battery solutions for your applications
Battery Management System
Find the best electronic modules
for your Li-ion battery
Battery management system
We produce BMS that provides safe and reliable operation of Li-ion batteries for material handling equipment, floor scrubber, etc. Our BMSs have active or passive balancing systems, centralised or distributed architecture, several I/Os, rich connectivity (CAN, USB, wireless).
Supplementary components
We also produce supplementary components for batteries: harnesses, indicators, solid state contactors, test equipment. All the necessary components to create your batteries.
Fleet Management System
Connect your battery to the cloud for remote control and diagnostic
Cloud Connectivity through
4G/5G Cellular Technology
Our BMSs have option that make your battery connected to the cloud. BMSs software collects all information in the cloud over the entire battery lifetime. Modem uses LTE-M/NB-IoT technologies for data transmission. Web interface provides analysis of battery performance in real time and remote diagnostics for fast service. We can customise web-interface and add your metrics.

Fleet management system is available worldwide.
We design mechanical, electrical and software part
We develop thermal model to calculate optimal mode of thermal management system
Custom BMS Development
We develop custom BMS for your special applications
Contract Electronic Development

We provide full development cycle: from concept to implementation into production

We create software for web application, mobile device, electronic device and desktops
We help your business to make right decision in battery technology
Battery Design
We provide system analysis to determine the optimal battery voltage and capacity, select the optimal battery architecture, help with the choice of a lithium-ion cell vendor, select electronics.
Thermal Modelling
Our engineers develop a thermal model and provide battery simulation in various thermal conditions. In addition, we help with thermal testing of battery prototype.
Custom BMS Development
We are flexible in our approach to customer requirements.
Our engineers can develop a new BMS or adapt an existing BMS to suit your needs.
Contract Electronic Development

We develop technical specifications, provide system modelling, develop schematics, design PCB and enclosures, develop software, prepare documentation and help with implementation into production.

Software Development
Our engineers have wide experience in software development. We actively use ะก, Assembler, C#, Python, JavaScript and Octave programming languages. We have experience more than 10 years in embedded software for different microcontroller vendors.
About us
We have 15 successfully completed projects of varying complexity.
Our young ambitious team have an experience in electronics and software development.
The basis of the team are graduates of the leading technical universities.
Our Contacts
Feel free to write and call us
+1 754 2330113
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